Our 2lb closed cell foam insulation is the ultimate solution for your insulation needs.


Meet Kris Bradley, a skilled tradesman with over 2 decades of experience in carpentry and a licensed carpenter since 2007. He has been living in Sioux Lookout for 30 years and is happily married to a registered nurse, with three children.

Kris is a dedicated volunteer on the Sioux Lookout Fire Department since 2021. He started his own business, Full Span Construction, in 2012 to bring spray foam insulation to the area. Kris realized the need for proper insulation and air sealing in the buildings they were constructing, which were designed for Southern Ontario's milder climate.

In February of 2012, Kris took a bold step by driving to Abbotsford, BC, to buy his first spray foam insulation rig. Despite several setbacks during the journey, including multiple repairs on his used pickup truck, Kris returned to Sioux Lookout with only $7.37 in his bank account. But that didn't stop him from pursuing his entrepreneurial dream.

Over the past decade, Full Span Construction has grown into a reputable company known for building custom homes, multi-unit dwellings, and performing siding and roofing work. However, after ten years, Kris realized his original passion for helping people reduce their heating and cooling costs through spray foam insulation had taken a backseat.

In year 11, Kris made the tough decision to downsize and focus solely on spray foam insulation. He rebranded the company and now feels confident that he can provide his clients with the best solutions to reduce their carbon footprint while improving their living spaces' comfort.

Kris is committed to helping people save money, reduce their carbon footprint, and create more sustainable homes.

Our Services

  • Spray Foam Insulation

    We specialize in spray foam insulation, specifically 2lb closed cell foam insulation. Our spray foam insulation is an effective and energy-efficient solution that can be installed in various areas of your home or building.

    Spray foam insulation is a superior alternative to traditional insulation methods such as fiberglass or cellulose. It has a higher R-value, which means it can provide better insulation with less material. Our 2lb closed cell foam insulation is also denser than other types of spray foam insulation, making it highly effective at blocking air and moisture from entering or escaping the space.

    Our spray foam insulation can be installed in many areas of your home, including walls, attics, basements, crawl spaces, and roofs. It can also be applied to pipes and other hard-to-reach areas that other insulation types cannot reach. This makes it an ideal solution for homeowners and commercial building owners who want to improve their building’s energy efficiency and overall comfort.

  • Attic Insulation

    We offer blown-in attic insulation services that include both cellulose and fiberglass options. Blown-in attic insulation is an excellent way to increase the energy efficiency of your home, reduce your energy bills, and improve overall comfort.

    Our team of experts can help you choose the right insulation material for your needs. Both cellulose and fiberglass are popular options for attic insulation, and each has its unique benefits.

    Cellulose insulation is made from recycled materials and has excellent thermal properties. It can also provide sound insulation and is resistant to fire and insects. Fiberglass insulation, on the other hand, is known for its durability and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

    No matter which material you choose, our professional installation team will ensure that your insulation is installed correctly and efficiently. We use state-of-the-art equipment to blow the insulation into your attic space, ensuring that every inch is covered.

    Proper attic insulation can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency, as it prevents hot air from escaping in the winter and keeps cool air inside in the summer. It can also help to reduce outside noise and make your home a more comfortable and peaceful place to live.

    Contact us today to learn more about our blown-in attic insulation services and schedule a consultation with one of our insulation experts. We are committed to providing high-quality insulation solutions that meet your unique needs and budget.

  • Air Sealing

    We offer top-quality spray foam insulation services for both attics and walls. Our insulation experts use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your home or building is well-insulated and energy-efficient.

    In addition to our spray foam insulation services, we also provide air sealing for attics and walls. Proper air sealing is crucial to achieving optimal energy efficiency in your home or building, as it prevents air leaks and reduces energy loss.

    Our team of experts will ensure that your attic or walls are thoroughly air sealed, including around plumbing and electrical fixtures, to prevent air from escaping or entering your living space. This step is essential before spray foam insulation is installed, as it ensures that the insulation can work effectively to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

    After spray foam insulation has been installed, we can also perform additional air sealing to ensure that your attic or walls are completely sealed and energy efficient.

    Proper insulation and air sealing can significantly reduce your energy bills, improve indoor air quality, and make your home more comfortable year-round. At Full Span Construction, we are committed to providing high-quality insulation and air sealing services that meet your unique needs and budget.

    Contact us today to learn more about our spray foam insulation and air sealing services and schedule a consultation with one of our insulation experts. We are here to help you achieve optimal energy efficiency and comfort in your home or building.

Qualify for Government Grants

Sunset Country Spray Foam offers assistance with government grant applications for energy-efficient upgrades to help offset the cost of insulation and air sealing upgrades. Their knowledgeable team can help determine eligibility and guide clients through the application process from start to finish, maximizing their chances of receiving funding. By taking advantage of government grants, clients can significantly reduce the cost of energy-efficient upgrades.

Sunset Country Spray Foam is committed to helping clients make their homes and buildings more energy-efficient and comfortable. Contact them today to learn more about their government grant assistance services.

Financing Available

Sunset Country Spray Foam, we understand that investing in energy-efficient upgrades for your home or building can be a significant financial commitment. That's why we offer flexible financing options that can help you offset the cost of insulation and air sealing upgrades.

Our financing promotions offer different monthly or bi-weekly payment options that can help you manage the cost of your energy-efficient upgrades. These financing options allow you to get the work done now and pay later, without the burden of a lump sum payment.

Benefits of Spray Foam

  • Noise Reduction

    Having spray foam insulation installed in your home or business will reduce outside noise from infiltrating the indoor environment.

    The noise created by interior mechanical systems, such as HVAC systems, will also be reduced

  • Environmentally Sound

    The use of spray foam insulation in homes and businesses can greatly contribute to reducing environmental stress.

    This type of insulation helps improve energy efficiency and reduces carbon emissions produced by burning fossil fuels for heating and cooling buildings.

  • Moisture Resistant

    Medium density spray foam insulation is effective at resisting moisture penetration due to its non-porous nature. Unlike fiberglass batt insulation, it doesn’t lose its R-value and prevent mold accumulation. Moreover, when applied below grade, medium density spray foam insulation can solve the problem of damp or wet basement walls.

  • Improves Air Quality

    Spray foam insulation in your home or business will improve air quality. A continuous, airtight seal prevents pollutants such as dust from invading a structure.

    Spray foam insulation exceeds all building codes for air barrier systems. In addition, spray foam insulation does not contain any loose particles that may adversely affect indoor air quality.

    Medium density spray foam insulation is also mould and moisture resistant, a particular concern when insulating a below grade structure such as a basement.

  • Increase Structural Strength

    Medium density spray foam insulation increases the structural strength of your home by over 200%.

    With spray foam insulation being applied into all cavities, a structure will become more rigid and as a result, issues such as settling and creaky floors will be moderated.

    In addition, spray foam insulation will not settle or shrink and adheres to almost any surface, including wood, metal, concrete and most plastics.

  • Draft Resistant

    Conventional insulation, such as fiberglass batt insulation, provides a poor barrier against air leakage since it is unlikely to fill in all cracks and seams. When professionally applied, spray foam insulation expands to seal virtually all spaces where air may escape or enter a structure. Drafts are stopped from coming in and air leaking out is eliminated!

    Therefore, the amount of energy needed to maintain a preferred indoor temperature is greatly reduced, resulting in energy savings. Medium density spray foam insulation acts as an insulation, air barrier and vapour barrier, all in one application.

Simple Process

Our streamlined process is designed to make it easy for you to get a detailed estimate for your insulation and air sealing needs, and to keep you informed throughout the entire project.

  1. Step 1

    Request an estimate.

  2. Step 2

    Our team will reach out to you to schedule an on-site consultation.

  3. Step 3

    After the on-site consultation, you’ll receive an accurate estimate and have the opportunity to approve the project.

So why wait? Fill out our estimate request form today and take the first step towards a more comfortable and energy-efficient home or building.

Get an Estimate


    • The cost of spray foam insulation can vary depending on factors such as the size of the project, the type of spray foam used, and the region. It is best to contact a reputable insulation contractor to get a customized quote based on your specific needs and requirements.

    • Absolutely! Spray foam insulation can be applied in both new construction projects and existing buildings. It offers great versatility, allowing for seamless installation in various construction scenarios.

    • When properly installed, spray foam insulation can last a lifetime. It is a durable and long-lasting insulation solution that maintains its effectiveness over time, without sagging or settling like traditional insulation materials.

    • Yes, spray foam insulation is safe for residential and commercial applications when installed by trained professionals. It undergoes rigorous testing and meets all safety standards. Once cured, it does not emit harmful chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

    • Spray foam insulation generally does not require any specific maintenance. Once properly installed, it remains effective for the long term without the need for regular upkeep. It is a low-maintenance insulation solution.

    • Absolutely! Spray foam insulation creates an airtight seal, minimizing the entry of moisture into the building. Additionally, it is resistant to mold and mildew growth, helping to prevent moisture-related issues and promoting a healthier indoor environment.

    • Yes, spray foam insulation can be applied to various areas of a building, including attics, walls, crawl spaces, basements, and even roofs. Its versatility allows it to conform to irregular shapes and fill gaps and cracks effectively.

    • The installation process for spray foam insulation can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, on average, it takes a professional team about one to two days to complete the installation.


    • We are very happy with the work your crew did on our home, work was done in a timely matter even with the material delivery due to the Covid. The crew was very respectful of our property and home . Workmanship was completed in a professional matter. Thank you.

      Gwenda and Ivan Wilson
    • I had Sunset Country Sprayfoam spray my rim joists on a recent renovation. Excellent service, on time and on price with the quote. We are noticing a nice difference in the temperature in our house. Highly recommend!

      Mike R
    • We recently hired Sunset Country Spray Foam to install closed-cell spray foam insulation under the slab where I plan to build a garage, and I couldn’t be happier with the service they provided!

      Laura Lilly